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ARPP Root and Carter Funeral Home
Sunday September 19th, 2021
1:00pm - 3:00pm

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Tessa Collins

Collins, Tessa, age 30 of Middletown, OH passed away September 13, 2021. Tessa was born in Middletown, OH to David Collins and Carla Hipsher. Tessa was preceded in death by her grandparents Boyd Collins, Brenda Bogan, and her aunt Terry Birch. She is survived by the father of her children, David Myers and their children David Scott Steven Myers and Destney Myers, her mother Carla (Michael) Hipsher, her father David Collins, her brothers David and Steven Collins, grandparents Raymond and Patricia Hedger, Clarence Wilson, Linda Collins, her aunts and uncles Scott and Angela Staton, Gary and Angela Kromer, Luke, James and Kenny Collins, Scott Barkalow, Rhonda and Scott Plummer, Polly Collins and numerous extended family and friends who will miss her dearly. The family will receive friends on Sunday, September 19, 2021 from 1:00-3:00PM at Arpp, Root and Carter Funeral Home, 29 N Main St. Germantown, OH 45327. After the visitation, the family would like to invite everyone to join them at Sebald Park, 5580 Elk Creek Rd. in West Middletown, OH for a gathering in remembrance of Tessa.

**In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the funeral home to assist in funeral expenses.  Donations can be made online by using the donation tab, or in person at the funeral home.  Or a Go Fund Me Link can be found on Facebook under Kristina Walters.

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David I'm so so sorry your going through such a devastating loss! My heart hurts for your beautiful babies have lost their gorgeous mother. Tessa was truly one of a kind and I still see her as this young, shy little girl who had been through so much for her short years here on Earth. The flesh is temporary and blessed are the moments we share with one another while waiting to go home, to our one true home, by the side of our Lord, where we will spend eternity. She'll never leave your side David and would want you to live your best life and do everything you possibly can to keep that promise, and raise your children and make darn sure that don't loose 2 parents! Your a amazing person David and love her so feirce and never doubt for a second that she questioned it. Your a strong person and have rough times ahead but I know you'll stay focused and do what is necessary for your babies because they'll need you now more than ever!

Megan Sep 17 2021 12:00 AM

Tessa my queen my everything my soul mate my best friend and mother of our 2 angels I'll never forget the first time I actually got to take u out on our first date I told u when I seen u climb in my truck I thought OMG I don't want to mess this up cause u was the most beautiful girl I'd ever laid eyes on and honestly thought u was out of my league but I just stayed me and we laughed and talked and had a good time and when I dropped u off I thought I hope and pray we go out again and we did after a few nights went by and that continued for a week or two till I eventually was coming over every night after work and being greeted by that beautiful smile and those lips of a angel. I remember the first time u told me u loved me and was falling hard for me and it scared u and u was scared to tell me cause u thought I was gonna run off but not a chance cause I had the same feelings for u and was scared to tell u as well lol. We both said at first we wasn't looking for anything serious and honestly thought I finally met a girl who was beautiful smart bold young with no kids are ex bf to worry about so I said this is perfect and than BOOM cupid struck me harder than ever and I felt feelings for you I've never felt and I questioned those feelings like this has to be true love I thought I new what love was but u really showed me what true % love was everything else before u was lust or just caring but not what I had for you not even close baby girl. I believe we was soul mates case I can gauruntee you that our love was real and we stayed strong for most of our 10 wonderful years together because our love was real and true from the heart and soul. Not a day went by that ur beauty didn't catch my eye and make me realize why I still felt like the luckiest man in the world with the most beautiful girl in the world. U always asked what I was looking at when u would catch me staring at you which was alot lol and i would say I'm just staring at how beautiful you was and you would actually blush sometimes and tell me to stop it cause fr you hated it when someone stared at u and I would say I'm not lieing and I wasn't. Your beauty mismerized me sometimes and I always new if I lost u I would never be able to replace u or even ur beauty in another female which I never even tried to imagine replacing u or losing u just cause I new our love was strong and true and it was tested multiple times thru the years but nothing could truly make our love for each other stop not even this cause my love for u will carry on Tessa forever and always is what we use to say and it's what I mean it's me and you against the world baby girl u was my true and ultimate ride or die and u proved it more than u needed. I remember when u would break down when we was alone and spilled your heart out to me and asked me to hold you and so I did and I would tell u everything was gonna be ok and we would get thru whatever it was that had you upset and you never doughted me Tess not one time and we did make it thru we never met our ultimate goal together but I'll break our promise we made to each other baby girl I'll stay as strong as I can and do what we talked about and just no when I reach our goal ur spirit will still rejoice with joy for you no your king here didn't let you down I dunno how I'm gonna find the strength to do it cause u was my second half who helped me to always find the strength to get thru so all I can do now is close my eyes and see ur beautiful face again and hear ur amazing voice whisper to me it's gonna be alright because you no I can do it and ur flesh may not be hear to help me your soul is tied to mine and it will never parish as long as I'm alive ur alive with me my TT your flying high watching us from a distance and waiting for the time to come in which we will be together again and I to can't wait till we meet again but for now I have a promise to fulfill and babies who need me so for now I'll get to that and no ur shining upon us your wonderful glow u always put off when You entered a room will still be there in our memories which is everywhere I look. "I love you more and more everyday I love you more and more than words could say. " My favorite thing to tell u for it was what comforted me as my gma would tell me that and u loved it when I would tell u that so imma go for now my queen but not forever I love you and our 2 babies live you and we already miss you more than anyone could imagine and they will always no you loved them more than life itself and u was a wonderful mother and loved them every chance u got that's another promise I'll keep to you that they will always no you loved them tess I just remembered u made me promise that to u as well and I told u than that they will never no any different and that u always did what u could for them when we could baby girl you always questioned urself as being a loving mom and I always reassured u that u was altho sometimes u felt so bad and was scared that they may think diff one day but anyone whoever seen u with our babies new your love for them was unbreakable and the bond u had was something very special for they love u more than anything even thru our tough times when you came around our babies they would straight be glued to you with smiles bigger than ever and always wanted to stay right by your side lol you couldn't even use the bathroom sometimes so yes there love for u will never fade either. They will miss you like crazy for we all are and will babe so you should of never feared that at all cause altho my love for u is true and unbreakable the love that u and our babies have for each other is 100 times stronger than any love 2 people who fall in love could imagine. A mother's love and bond with her babies is a miracle in itself and is the most beautiful and precious thing I've ever witnessed with u and our 2 angels so just no your loved by everyone more than you would of ever imagined even tho u felt like everyone turned there back it's like I would try to tell u no they didn't babe you will see when we get thru all this bs and get to we're we wanna be than u will see who still loves you and I believe it was alot of us honestly but ok babe I'm gonna go now but not forever sorry for this being so long I just feel like this is how I can talk to you but I'll see u in my dreams and won't forget our memories and for we shall meet again just in a better place and than we will finally be able to have what we always wanted but it will be forever and always like we said we new this wasn't forever in this flesh and blood but our souls will be together forever in always with no more hurt just all happiness TT I LOVE YOU TT AND MISS YOU SO MUCH BABY GIRL. PLS SHINE DOWN ON US AND COMFORT US LET US NO ITS GONNA BE OK ONE MORE TIME BEAUTIFUL ... XOXOXOXO

David Myers Sep 16 2021 12:00 AM

11 years you was with my son. You became of our family members. I loved you like my own daughter. We had our good times and our bad times but no matter what we made it thru them. You gave me 2 beautiful grandbabies that I promise you will know how much you loved them. Tessa you will be greatly missed and always loved.

Sandi Myers Sep 16 2021 12:00 AM

When I met Tessa she was about Destiny's size now, watching her grow up into the BEAUTIFUL woman she became is a time period I will cherish always, she never failed to tell me she loved me whenever we parted, it was a phrase I LOVED hearing, I will miss hearing that and her greatly and there will forever be a void in my heart!I love you Tess!!!

Rikki Frieszell Sep 16 2021 12:00 AM